Year of the Ox

Mermaid Michelle Online Journal


2021 Year of the Ox began on February 11th 2021

The Second new moon after the winter solstice marks the Lunar New Year, Losar (Tibetan Buddhism) and the Chinese New Year.

The second sign in the Chinese Zodiac is the Ox. Story tells that the emperor invited all the animals to be part of the zodiac, and the Rat convinced the Ox for a ride. At the very last second the rat jumped off the Ox and stole First place.

After an honest and trying rat year (2020) the Ox moves in to help us continue on diligently forward towards a better future for humanity!

Wild Ox, Bison, Buffalo, Bull/Cow or the extinct Aurochs are all in the spotlight this year.

2021 is another metal year, like the Rat year of 2020.

We can learn from the ox, and partner with its spirit. We embody the qualities that have made this animal one of the most reliable, useful and oldest allies.


2020 was the year of the Metal Rat, This Year is another Metal Year, giving us another pass over of the "metal" qualities to life to clean, and tidy, take care, and tuck in any lose ends or messes left behind from the Rat year before. This year should be much more stable, but equally as sharp.

Focus the energy of this year by placing importance towards your own self care.  Along with supporting yourself, Reach out, supporting those closest to you and your elders. Not everyone has the strength, and may need a helping hand.

The ox also corresponds with the Elder Futhark Rune -Uruz- Meaning: Aurochs (an extinct kind of Wild Bull that northerners depended on much like the Buffalo) Manifestation, Strength, Vigor, Endurance, Determination, Self Healing, The Shamanic Steed. The Ox is the Second Sign in the Chinese Zodiac, The First being the Rat, interestingly Uruz is the Second Rune in the Alphabet of the Futhark. 


Anyone born in 1913, 1925, 1937,1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, and 2021 are born under the sign of the Ox.


Ox people are steady, sturdy, loyal, honest and very hard workers. These people are solid and will rarely ask for praise.


Ox is most comfortable with another Ox, a Rat, Snake or Rooster/Phoenix.


Cows and Bulls are native to India. Once cows became domesticated, they were shipped to Turtle Island and sadly replaced the buffalo for purpose of meat production.

Bulls are revered Sacred in India because of the Hindu God Shiva.

His mount and Gatekeeper/Companion is a bull named Nandi.