Shadow Work

Mystic Michelle Online Journal

The Wheel of the year now wanes, spreading the energy of Transformation, Death, and Rebirth. With Octobers Blue Moon (second full moon in a calendar month) landing on Halloween, Friday the 13, and the upcoming new moon in Scorpio, It seems that all things dark are dominating at this time..


This time of year all the vegetation is gone, the green of Spring and Summer are faint and distant memories, The beauty of Autumn has turned to mush, and the cold snowy Winter winds move in. As the nights get longer, we seek warmth, and comfort from within.

Our shadow is a very visible feature all 3 dimensional Creatures/Objects possess. Simply put it is the darkness our bodies cast when exposed to light.

The shadow side is also a term used for the dark side of ourselves. All parts of our self we would rather not accept acknowledge or face. Emotions like Anger, Envy, Fear, & Shame, all belong to the shadow side of human nature.


Many people, movies, books, and legends have told stories of evil beings, alien races, demons, or spirits that have caused all the turmoil on Earth, believing that we have powerlessly been infiltrated or taken over by evil entities. To me this is a denial of the shadow, and a refusal to take responsibility. Myths are one thing, but there are many religions and spiritual conspiracy theorist that fully believe these evil enemies are to blame for humanities dark state.

I believe the enemy is hiding in our conscience, and this enemy is in the shadow of humanity.


Consciousness development is the most responsible work a human can do. Each and every one of us have work to do in order to raise the vibration of this planet. By accepting ourselves fully, all the good and the bad, we gain power and strength over this darkness. It no longer controls us subconsciously, and we no longer fear the dark, but instead partner and become allies or even friends with it. Empowering us to be more complete. We must have a good partnership with ourselves before we can be a healthy partner for another.


What is Shadow Work?


Shadow work is the conscious effort to bring what is hidden to the forefront.

We can confront our shadow and merge with it, integrating with our complete self. The more aware of our shadow side we can be, the less volatile and viscous we tend to act. Do not be afraid of the shadows potential.

The shadow is not evil, or harmful on its own, it's when there is an imbalance with our relationship to the shadow that harm can happen. When we seek our shadows before it can negatively effect our reality or control the subconscious, it's called facing the shadow. Another way to look at it would be like cleaning out the old dirty closet of your psyche. This is the core of shadow work.


Shadow work is the path of the heart warrior
-Carl Jung


Only in complete darkness does your shadow disappear. We acknowledge this darkness to become a more unified person. You are not the first to journey into the darkness, as the Dark Gods and Goddesses of many Pantheon have gone before you.


How to Do Shadow Work


Shadow work can look like many different things, and realistically everyone has their own way of tackling this task. Warriors may battle their shadow, while Healers may be nurtured. It can be done through writing, meditation, journeying, or dreams.

~Mirror Gaze~

We connect deeply with the subconscious when we look into our own eyes in the mirror. This creates a deep connection with ones self, promotes self love, and helps to create a positive relationship with your shadow.


Take an honest look at yourself in your entirety. Good and bad, What is it in your life that triggers emotions of Anger? Shame? Envy? Fear?


All Dark stones are helpful for shadow work. Some stones such as, obsidian stone is by far the best because it shows you the truth, reflects your shadow, and connects to the darkness. The Energy of black tourmaline will protect you from your own bad thoughts/patterns & Smokey Quartz has a remarkable ability to contain the largest amount of light force into a black colour. I also love Jet, Onyx, Shunghite, Lava Rock, and any other black stone.


There are many journal prompts for shadow work. Free flow writing is a technique where you place pen to paper and just write what comes to mind. No censoring, just write. Write what strikes deep emotion, no matter how far into the past, or any fears of the future.  Answer honestly on paper "When have I felt shocked in this life?" Write your fears, angers, any guilt, or shame? Don't worry, you can burn and destroy all of the paper after.


Moving Forward with your Shadow


Music, Mantra and Gratitude.

After such deep personal work, listening to high frequency music (432hz love healing) is very conducive toward balancing the shadow. Beautiful mantras, or positive affirmations also work to restore balance, and really do comfort the emotional body. And if nothing else helps bring back the light, turn your writing towards gratitude lists! In the morning when you wake up, think of what you are grateful for. All throughout the day you can be grateful, and this really brings up your vibration and energy!

Keep in mind you may need to repeat your shadow work every so often when it is needed, like peeling a deeper layer of an onion.

(Shadow puppets & light plays can be a fun way to pass the time when the night is long.)