Pumpkin Magick

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The Magick of Pumpkins

When the harvest time of year rolls into the northern hemisphere, pumpkins are all around! This large orange squash native to Turtle Island is in abundance between September-November. The First Nations and early settlers relied on Pumpkins during the Winter months for their survival (pumpkins keep very well)! The pumpkin now has numerous varieties as a result of modern plant hybridization.

I purchased my first pumpkin this year at the beginning of September! It's such a magickal time for so many of us. The weather is hanging in between seasons, the veil that contains our reality is thinning to expose other worlds. Pumpkin Magick is all around us, from Jack the Pumpkin King to Pumpkin Spice Lattes and for the love of pumpkins everywhere lets make some magick!

My whole life I have always been fascinated by pumpkins. When I was a child, I used to eat the left over pieces from my jack-o-lantern raw, sometimes until my stomach would ache from too much fiber. Now I've learned to cook em, roast them, puree them, and even make crafts from them. 


What's Pleasant about Pumpkins?

Commonly known as Field Pumpkins, there are also Sugar Pumpkin, and even sleek white pumpkins. The pumpkin is the largest form of winter squash. It has large leaves, a thick stem and the option for many flavorful recipes.

Pumpkins Medicine is all about abundance, nourishment, growth, purging & prosperity.

Cucurbita pepo, Cucurbita maxima,

Element: Water

Planetary/Ruling Body: Moon

Direction: Below

Properties: Fertility, Prosperity, Financial Freedom, Luck, Comfort, Protection.


Benefits of Pumpkins

This food is so healthy! Historically, herbalists used only the seeds as medicine, as they can be used to expel worms and parasites out of the body. Nutrition is medicine, so today the fruit/flesh of the pumpkin can also be recognized as medicinal.

Pumpkins fall into the category of a Winter Squash. Winter Squash are among the most nutritious of vegetables. They are not alkaline or acidic when consumed, making them a balanced food.


Benefits of the Seeds





Boosts Immunity


Benefits of the Fruit

High in Vitamin A (Beta Carotene. The deeper orange = higher beta carotene)

Complex Carbohydrates

30-40% Protein


Vitamin B3 (niacin)



*The fruit alone is not a complete source of protein, but interestingly the essential fatty acids that are missing from the flesh can be found in the seeds, making winter squash a complete source of protein! Great news for all you herbivores out there!


Uses for Pumpkins

Cook em up! Baked, barbecued or souped to nourish the body and bowels!

Create spells and create your craft with pumpkins!

Make a set of runes with seeds from your jack-o-lantern

Grow 'Big-Max' Pumpkins to enter giant pumpkin contests

Create a wishing Pumpkin (see instructions below)


Make Yourself a Wishing Pumpkin

This is a very cute idea I adopted from my best friend Fanni. It is similar to making witch bottles. Witch bottles are vessels filled with messy things (nails, vinegar, spit, ect) to prevent/protect you from harm coming you way. A new trend popping up is wishing bottles or wishing jars. These are vessels filled with pleasant things (sugar, salt, crystals, herbs, affirmations)  These wish bottles were the inspiration behind the wish pumpkin.

  • Pick a pumpkin. Large? Small? White? Orange?
  • Set your intention. What do you want to wish for? Prosperity? Love and Light? A new home or job? Meditate on this.
  • Cut and hollow out the pumpkin (you can leave seeds in if you wish) Try Roasting the seeds for 20min at low heat if you remove them!
  • Pick what you want to place inside the pumpkin! Some ideas include herbs, oils, gems, letters, runes, symbols or anything else you feel called to include
  • Seal up the pumpkin with a natural wax candle. Let it burn all the way down so the way seals the pumpkin shut.

You can display the pumpkin for a few weeks, and once it gets old and soggy, bury it in some dirt before the ground freezes.