Once in a Blue Moon

Mermaid Michelle Online Journal

October 31st 2020 marks the Witches/Heathen new year.

It is the start to winter, when all the land appears to be withering away and dying, the energy is moving.

This energy now migrates to the Underworld and is now a time for healing & incubation of new manifestations.

The time is right,
The veil is thin,
Let the healthy new year begin.


Look on for tips and tricks..


This full moon is in the constellation of Taurus ♉︎  lands on a Saturday & Halloween! It is the second full moon of October making it a Blue Moon! This very rare occurrence can be consciously observed and even used to amplify all of your Halloween celebrations.

Saturday is ruled by Saturn and can be kind of chaotic. This chaos proves helpful for transformation.

Taurus energy is perfect for Halloween! The sturdy supportive attributes of a moon in Taurus will keep all witches and heathens grounded while working their magick!

*If you own an emerald wear it for an added boost of protection.

Key words for Taurus: Sensuality, Stable, Generosity, Earth, Practicality, Constructive, Powerful!


Taurus loves to eat & indulge in finer foods (Trick-o-treating approved!)


In October we celebrate the year/harvest that has passed & we celebrate those who came before us. Our Ancestors are an integral part of human development. We would not be here if not for our parents who made us, and our grandparents who made our parents, and their parents and so on.

Late October - Early November, the timing is perfect! The veil that separates our worlds from the spirit worlds is the thinnest at this time, therefore connections can be the strongest.

The veil thins around May 1st as well, and below the equator in the southern hemisphere it is Beltane, the opposite to Samhain. The Christian influence on history has turned attention away from the magick and mystery of Halloween, but today we reclaim these traditions. People celebrate in a variety of ways eclectically adding in celebrations, games and traditions that best suite the pagan.

Activities for All Hallows Eve


  • Be specific about what you would like to accomplish or create in the year ahead


  • Write goals and aspirations on paper than release them into the fire


  • Eat Squash, Kale & Cabbage!


  • Consult your cards or runes. Listen to nature for signs of what the year ahead holds for you


  • Spend time with the elderly in your life, honoring & taking care of them


  • Host a dinner for your ancestors, set a plate for the deceased, invite the Faeries!