Healing Chambers

Mermaid Michelle Online Journal

A healing chamber is an area of sacred space that can manifest spontaneously or be created with intention & purpose.

They can manifest In the spirit realm, during journeys and in deep meditation, often producing strong imagery of Ancient Springs, Rivers, Caves or Healing Cauldrons.

Healing Chambers can also happen in our physical reality. Sacred Sites and Springs around the globe are in a way healing chambers especially the large sarcophagus and the many pyramids.

Large Rose Quartz Granite bowls exist in Egypt, and even more mysterious the Gundestrup Cauldron, made of silver that was found in a peat bog in Denmark.

Today we can create our own Healing Chamber to bring comfort, support, and much needed healing to our bodies. Physically & Mentally Relaxing, Emotionally Balancing, and Spiritually connected to higher levels of healing.


How to Create a Healing Chamber

You can create your own healing chamber through ritual.

Preparation is important so start to make the chosen area comfortable (The Bedroom is a nice place to create a healing chamber because we heal deeply while we sleep, and the energy of the chamber sticks around for a while).


  • Hang up Soft Fabric, or Art work to transform the room into a healing chamber.
  • Bring in comfy blankets and pillows, Massage Table, Meditation Bolster, and soft light.
  • Use only natural healing props to create your healing chamber, and remove all EMF producing electronics. Any unnatural substances such as petroleum/plastic and cellphones impede complete healing (and you owe yourself some free time from the phone).

Once your space is set up, determine how much time you may need. Set a timer (I like to use music as my timer), or you can choose to end it when you fall asleep.

Consecrate the space, by making it sacred. This is done in many ways, with the most simple being Clapping your hands, or Casting a Sacred Circle. Use herbs to smudge the area, Reiki Symbols can be projected onto the walls to clear and charge, and call forward the Directions and the Elements. Take several deep breaths, and feel the sacred space. Know you have created Sacred Space.


When ready establish a connection with your spirit guides. This can be an Animal Spirit you work with, a Deity you worship, Angels, Extraterrestrials & Faeries, or simply your Higher Self.  They will show you they way, and inform you of any action that needs to be taken (before during or after), or Non action which teaches us the ability to receive. It is helpful to Journal, Pray, or Vocalize what it is you desire to heal. If you wish to heal painful past memories, State that. If you want to heal emotional upset, speak it out loud.


Be gentle to yourself. Allow emotions to release, and take nice full deep breaths.  When the time is up, you can release the circle  (if you cast one)  and perform any grounding exercises needed to bring you back  to reality.


Popular Healing Tools

Music, Binural beats, or meditation/nature music

Scents like Essential oils & Natural Incense

Smudge (ie. Sage, Mugwort, Copal, Palo Santo)

Instruments like Drums, Rattles, Rain Sticks, Singing Bowls,

Salt & Crystal Lamps

Beeswax or non gmo soy Candles

Fabric in soft colour or healing patterns on Tapestry (ie Geometry)

Water and Tea

Crystals and Seashells

Popular Healing Crystals

Ark Crystals

Quartz of all kinds (Clear Quartz & Rose Quartz are superb for Healing Chambers)

Green Stones (such as Prehnite, Malachite, Epidote, Turquoise, Emerald, ect)



River Rocks you may have collected

Bowl of Salt or Salt Water

Black Tourmaline