Tourmaline Variety

Green Tourmaline

Abundance. Nature. Deep Healing. Connection.


Green tourmaline is also known as Verdelite - Verede means green. The shade of green varies from light green to deep dark green.


Family/Variety: Phosphate (mineral)

Shape/Crystal System: Hexagonal

Hardness: 7- 7.5

Colour Range: Green

Chakra: Heart Chakra

Direction: East/ Left & Right

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Capricorn

Planetary/Ruling Bodies: Earth/Chiron

Guardian/Deity: Gaia

Partners well with: Moldavite.

Safe in Water: Yes



Where this stone came from and where can you find it?

Tourmaline has a long history with plenty of rich mythology associated with it. Discovered in Brazil during the 1500's it was mistaken as many different gemstones (emerald/sapphire) and was not until the 1800's Tourmaline was fully recognized as its own gemstone.

Large amounts of green (as well as pink) tourmaline have been mined in Maine. It can also be found in Afghanistan, Africa, Brazil and the around Turtle Island.

Physical Properties

How does tourmaline affect the physical body?

It is a personal stone for healing! Physically green tourmaline is gentle & soothing, yet powerfully effective at reducing ones pain. Purify & strengthen the nervous system with green tourmaline, and is use when feeling fatigue or exhaustion.

Heals very nicely on the physical level, and the shade of green varies from light green to deep dark green. The green attunes to your needs, and adjusts to your energy.

It's a very good stone for dreams/sleep; promoting restful and healthy sleep!

Energetic Properties

How does tourmaline affect the physical body?

The healing stone tourmaline is amplified when infused with the colour green!

Green tourmaline attracts abundance and prosperity into all aspects of life.

Creative Ways to Use Tourmaline

unique and fun ways to work with Tourmaline
  • Journey to the Earth Mother in a guided meditation holding/wearing a piece of green tourmaline
  • Sleep with a small piece to bring enhanced cellular healing during your rest

Wearing it, or holding/mediating with it regularly will increase all these properties!

Tourmaline often exhibits the trait of pleochroism, meaning the colour of the specimen is much deeper when looking into the gemstone, rather than look at its side.

This stone is a partner for life. It is a complete stone meaning it holds all the colour Rays! All forms of tourmaline increase ones light force. Because of this it is helpful for those stuck in challenging environments, or those having to deal with difficult people. Tourmaline reminds us to remain radiant in the dark. It is so protective it even shields us from our own bad thoughts and attitudes.

  • Vibrates to the number 2
  • Repels negativity instead of absorbing it
  • Can be found in every colour of the visible spectrum

Tourmaline Family

Alternative forms of tourmaline


Furthering Studies on tourmaline

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