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God Ganesha

Today I want to write about the Elephant headed God from the Hindu Pantheon, Ganesha. I wanted to write about Ganesha because this particular God is one of my most worked with Deities. Starting about 5 years ago, everywhere I looked I saw this guy called Ganesha. As I opened myself to the message he was trying to tell me, I found one of my most trusted spiritual allies.

The God of Wisdom and Prosperity, Ganesha is arguably the most popular God of the Hindu Religion; as many devote pray first to Ganesha, than to their other Gods or Goddesses. Most people have seen him or heard about him before and millions work with him.


Ganesha is know as the 'Remover/Bringer of Obstacles' as he is known to teach through overcoming such obstacles.

He is comfortable, cheery, easy to recognize and work with.

Wisdom of the Elephant

Elephants are the largest mammals walking the Earth. They are symbols of royalty, affection, loyalty, prosperity Justice, Luck, Strength,

Elephants are Sturdy and gentle creatures.  Females are called Cows, Males are called Bulls. The Females make nurturing, sensitive and caring mothers, and maintain strong family systems! Elephants teach us to remember the lessons we learned in the past, so that we don't make the same mistakes in the future.

Interesting Humans have similar eyesight in the dark as elephants, and our range of Emotions are similar, in fact elephants show their emotions much more naturally than us humans do.

The most unique feature of the elephant is the trunk. They have a very acute sense of smell and learn most about their surroundings by smelling the fragrances.

Symbols of Ganesha

Ganesha is often depicted with similar objects. Each Object is a symbol, message, or lesson Ganesha Teaches.

Birth Story of Ganesha

It was told to me like this....

Shiva and Shakti can be thought of as the parents. Shiva is the Masculine God, Shakti is the Feminine Goddess. Together they promote balance and creates the world.



Shiva was away from Shakti, out on a quest, legend or experience, and Shakti wanted to take a bath. She wanted to bathe in peace so she created a watch guard to protect her. She told the new guard she created not to let anyone by.

Shiva returned home while Shakti was bathing. He was confronted by the guard, and denied access to his goddess. Enraged Shiva cut off the guards head!

After her bath, Shakti saw what had happened to her guard and scolded Shiva. Shiva in order to make things right chopped off the head of the first animal he saw what happened to be an elephant and connected it to Ganesha's Body.

Ganesha was deemed as the protector of thresholds and is often seen at the entrances to temples.



When to Invoke Ganesha in Your life

During trouble times, or when dealing with troubled people

When you are trying to manifest something into your life

When you are trying to remove something from your life



How to Invoke Ganesha

Ganesha is the easiest God to call upon! He is abundant and will often find you before you find him.
Spend some time looking at pictures of Ganesha. Old Indian deceptions as well as the more modern ones. 

Powerful Ganesha Mantra

This mantra is a beautiful message calling unto the power of Ganesha. This beautiful mantra means

Om Gan Ganapathaye Namaha

"Salutations to the remover of obstacles"