Fire Agate

Quartz Variety - Agate Family

Vitality. Progression. Bravery. Creativity. Increased Energy. Inspiration. Heat. Passion.

Fire Agate is a form of Chalcedony, this powerful variety of quartz is formed due to inclusions of very thin iridescent limonite. This causes the 'fire' to shimmer within the stone.


Family/Variety: Banded Quartz/Agate; a form of chalcedony (silicon dioxide)

Shape/Crystal System: Trigonal

Hardness: 6.5-8

Colour Range: Red/Orange/Yellow/Brown

Chakra: Earth/Root/Solar Plexus

Direction: South

Element: Fire

Zodiac: Aries

Planetary/Ruling Bodies:  Mars

Guardian/Deity: Fire God/Goddess

Partners well with: Obsidian

Safe in Water: Yes


Where this stone came from and where can you find it?

Fire Agate is found mostly in Mexico or close to the Mexico Border. These stones were formed during the tertiary period by water high in silica and iron oxide which filled the crevices of rocks which were high in quartz and limonite.

Physical Properties

How does fire agate affect the physical body?

Physically this stone has been used on the triple-burner meridian of the body, dissolving blockages, improving body circulation, and sending focus towards the central nervous system.

Fire agate is great for using during the treatment of eye disorders. Like all agate, fire agate works at clearing our vision but unique to fire agate it will enhance ones night vision.

Energetic Properties

How does fire agate affect the energy bodies?

Fire Agate holds within it the spiritual flame of absolute perfection. This flame dispels fear from deep within our being and acts as a protective shield, returning the fear back towards the originating source.

Threats and harmful intention will be sent back to the source, but instead of causing more harm, it will shine light to the harm sent, ultimately bringing understanding, and healing in the disgruntled individual.

Creative Ways to Use Fire Agate

unique and fun ways to work with fire agate
  • Work with Fire agate during Manifestation Meditations
  • Place in the Direction for Fire on the Altar
  • Keep fire agate near your work desk to inspire creativity and promptness

Fire Agate encourages us to be the best we can possibly be, and aligns our decisions so we progress and advance towards our personal best.

Partner in meditation with this stone in times of introspection, and journeying towards enlightenment.

Fire agate is a get up and go stone. It encourages promptness and vitality in action!

  • Fire Agate will light up a fire in your life.
  • Vibrates to the number 9

Resources & References

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