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My life early on brought me to the tarot. I learned divination through my relationship/connection to nature and understanding how to program and interpret her signs. Everything tells a story, everywhere there is a message, if you choose to read it. Everything from tarot to tea can be used to read your fortune.

The past can hold power, and the future is uncertain and always changing. The only moment we have real power is the now. The present! A reading from me will bring you back to the present, back to yourself, and from there we can understand actions! Past actions and present desires, and how to fully cooperate in a beautiful and magical life!

~No matter what stage you're at in your life, readings will bring comfort, advice, counsel, and conscious awareness to every situation~


There are many ways of reading ones fortune, below are the mediums I offer currently.....


Tarot & Oracle Readings

Using Tarot Cards or The Faeries Oracle to take a look inward.

Crystal & Seashell Readings

Connect deeper to your stones with a reading using crystals & seashells

Rune Readings

Reading and understanding the sacred language of the runes


Learn what your body has inherited, personality types & possible sources of sickness

Posture & Energy Readings

This reading will look at the physical components or the body (like posture), as well as its Energy Centers (or Chakras).
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*I do not peak or pry into other peoples personal lives. Readings give us great insight into our own life and our relationships in life. What information comes up in a reading is what needs to come up. Focus on yourself/personal growth, and we will have a powerful open channel for truthful information.