Deva Above. Faery Below.

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Deva is a Sanskrit word that translates to heavenly or divine. Possibly of Extraterrestrial origin, or Angelic. It is also a term used to define a spirit or pattern/blueprint. The Deva is like the higher self holding the imprint of everything.

Deva Is the High Spiritual Blueprint of Everything.

Faerys can be thought of as the shadow side of nature, for they too hold the imprint.

Come and meet some of the little beings I share my home with....

This little fella was the first of the group. His name is Gjerod, and he was purchased in my travels throughout America back in high school, as a gift for my best friend Fanni.

He now lives on the east coast of England with her. Gjerod is holding a piece of agate which once fell out. Sadly Fanni, thinking she may have to use glue, slid the crystal back into place, and Gjerod held onto it for good! Very cool that it never needed glue. I think he would prefer tree sap to glue anyways. This pendant can go around the neck and since finding Gjerod, I have seen many other troll looking necklaces all over the world! They can be found in Peru, at Crystal Expos, trade shows, and you can even make your own with clay. Many hold different stones or have different features, but this one reminded me most of my friend, so he was the one chosen for her.

Next to join the party Fredrerickson. He came to me at a Calgary Crystal expo years later. I wanted a troll necklace for myself, and a new friend for Gjerod, even if they are separated by an entire Ocean. He is so cute, and stood out to me from the variety available from the seller. He holds a quartz crystal point, and is nude. He also has a wonderful mustache which might just be his face?

When I First got this little Troll, I was wearing him a lot. One day I had this word stuck in my head. In the morning, after working, during meditation, I kept hearing the name Fredrerickson. I asked my partner if we knew anyone with this name, and nothing rang a bell. Than washing my hands, looking into a mirror he made himself known that it was his name!


Sad Mama came to me at Sangha Festival of Medicine, from a wonderful booth that was selling pink tea called UniTea. At the end of the festival I got some time to stop by and shop, and saw this beautiful purple lady waiting for me. The sellers told me she was hand made in Tibet on a full moon! When she was in the shop she looked so sad, I felt I had to cheer her up by bringing her home. 

I was then told a little story about why she was so sad.... A few years ago, she had a partner. There were two made together on the full moon, and at another festival many years later, a hippy inquired about purchasing Sad Mama's mate. The shop keep was insistent on selling them as a pair, but the hippy protested, and eventually convinced them to separate the two. The very next day, that hippy came back to the booth to admit her partner was lost, never to be found again. No wonder she was so sad.

Years  later her and me are still together, happy as ever! She has many mates now, and I realized she has many names. Sad Mama, Pacha Mama, Mama Ocean, to name a few and I'm sure many more will be revealed in time. She hugs a piece of sodalite and cries now for the whole world


From Sangha Festival 2 years later, I met who I call The Ehwaz Witch. She looks like she's always celebrating Halloween and holds a chunk of tigers eye. She has a rune (Ehwaz) inscribed on her back. This lady was a gift from the same merchants who sold me Sad Mama, and she insisted on coming home with me. They let me pick the one I liked best, but the way she was chosen was by the shape of the rune on the back, not by the crystal or features.

This necklace was my first introduction to the runes. By choosing a rune, she helped openen the threshold of a new world. I have since continued learning and studying the runes, and have this little lady to thank for that.

She especially likes travel, magic, ritual, and has been used as a safety talisman while traveling close or far distances. She also encompasses the energy of the rune Ehwaz, holding magic of trust, partnership, animals such as horses, and support.



Lastly we have Ergot. He is the newest edition to my collection, and holds a piece of agate. He has two different eyes, and is probably a Gemini. Ergot was named intuitively after a substance that is found on Rye. This substance, extracted is used to make lysergic acid diethylamide. This guy is funky, likes a good party, and has a very psychedelic nature. Also a wonderful healer, Ergot is a great friend to have around for a good meditation.

I purchased him, while a friend purchased his partner, and named him equinox. I think wear and tear got the better of Knox, but Ergot likes to come out every now and again to share good vibes, and great times. 

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