These pages on Crystals were extremely rewarding to create and include many meanings, interpretations and properties of certain gemstones and minerals.

The templates for all the crystals will remain relativity similar, based on the information currently available. There are a few main factors that help us determine the unique properties of all the different gemstones. Within reason, we look towards: Colour, Shape/Structure & the Material it is composed of. Luckliy new crystals will enter into our lives, and many new additions are frequently added, as more and more information on these gemstones become known, and more and more crystals are accessible.



You do not need to purchase any expensive exotic crystals, unique to your needs. Although some crystals are predominantly good for a certain condition, know that any crystal can be used to access all the other crystals. Any stone can tap into another individual crystals medicine and any crystal can be replaced by Clear Quartz or River Rocks. Try and use the physical crystals you have on your person to access the spiritual properties of any crystals that are needed but hard to attain.




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The colour displayed in a crystal is determined by the inclusions of other minerals within the crystal. These minerals change the colour scheme of certain crystals from clear, to any colour in the entire visible spectrum of the rainbow. Certain colours give us insight into the energy it holds.  Colour Therapy teaches that the different colours within the stone will effect the healing properties that stone possesses. Here is a general explanation of the different properties of colour.

  • Red- Grounding, Earth connection, Family/Tribal matters, Root Chakra
  • Orange- Creativity, Personal Relationships, Finances, Gender, Sacral Chakra
  • Yellow- Digestion, Courage, Solar Energy, Power, Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Green & Pink- Earth/Faery Connection, Love, Heart Chakra
  • Blue- Communication, Speaking/Listening, Singing, Throat Chakra
  • Purple- Dreams, Intuition, Psychic connections, Third Eye Chakra
  • White/Clear- Holds all Colours, Crown or Soft Spot of the Head, Ultimate Healing, Clarity, Grace, Peace, God/Spirit connection.
  • Black/Shadow- Holds all colours, Shields us on all levels, Protection, Shadow, Balancing, Truth, Calms Anger, Deep personal Connection.


Shape, Structure and Crystal Systems

Interestingly crystals will grow in 7 specific structures. These are the structures that show us the unit cell of the crystal. A unit cell is the simplest and fundamental repeating cell within a crystal. The smallest portion of a crystals lattice. This is the blueprint of a new crystal, and the outcome of a completely grown crystal. They look one in the same.



A crystal can also be classified as amorphous, which means it grows in random directions not arranged by any specific order. These crystals lack the structure of a crystal lattice, and hold no recognizable shape. Examples of this are Rocks like Obsidian and Opal.



Crystals vary considerably in their matter make up. Quartz and Feldspar are by far the most common, and many subsections of crystal fall under the quartz category. There are also numerous crystals that are meteorite material either mixed with our Earth like a Moldavite, or fallen from the sky and a complete mineral unto itself. Elements like Iron and Copper are included in many different gemstones, varying their colour, hardness and safety of the stone. Some materials are not safe in water, causing chemical reactions being potentially hazardous.


This is just the beginning of our crystal dictionary! 

More Crystals are added often!

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