Tourmaline Variety

Brown Tourmaline

Acceptance. Grounding. Plant Life. Earth. Connection. Comfort.


Brown Tourmaline is also known as Dravite. You can tell if your tourmaline is black or brown by looking at it and holing it up to the Sun/Light. This variety of tourmaline is rich in Sodium Magnesium.


Family/Variety: Phosphate (mineral)

Shape/Crystal System: Hexagonal

Hardness: 7- 7.5

Colour Range: Brown

Chakra: Root/Earth Chakra

Direction: East/ Left & Right

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Aires

Planetary/Ruling Bodies:  Earth

Guardian/Deity: Earth's Angels/Shadow Self

Partners well with: Moldavite.

Safe in Water: Yes



Where this stone came from and where can you find it?

Dravite was named after the mineralogist, Dravograd in Slovenia where it was first documented.

Brown Tourmaline's major deposits are found in Brazil, Pakistan, India & Afghanistan. It can also be found in Austria, Solvenia and Greece.

Physical Properties

How does tourmaline affect the physical body?

Physically it is good for intestinal health, soothing our small and large intestines. It is a great gemstone for targeting the Liver.

Brown Tourmaline has also been said to reduce spots on the skin.

Great for Pets that share our homes, and houseplants! This stone is great for gardening and all plant growth.

Energetic Properties

How does Brown tourmaline affect the physical body?

Brown Tourmaline is most commonly used to ground into the body, and help us make friends with our shadows. The Shadow Self is the part of ourselves that is the most comfortable to ignore, and brown tourmaline can be very nurturing during this process.

Along with aligning us with our lower self, brown tourmaline also connect us to our higher selves, aligning us within ourselves and harmonizing all parts of a person.

Gently stimulates the auric body!

The brown form of tourmaline holds strong Earth energy. It easily connects one with Nature Spirits, Earth Deities, Faery, and Earths Archangels.

Creative Ways to Use Tourmaline

unique and fun ways to work with Tourmaline
  • Make a water Elixir of this stone to share with your house plants!
  •  Use the gem water to make healing soups!
  • Hold it during meditation and open up to your shadow side/lower self.

Brown Tourmaline can be distinguished from Black Tourmaline because it exhibits the trait of pleochroism, meaning the colour of the specimen is much deeper when looking into the gemstone, rather than look at its side. If you have brown tourmaline, the stone will shine brown when exposed to light, the darkest color viewing down the C-axis and lighter color viewing perpendicular to the C-axis.

  • Vibrates to the number 2 & 9
  • Connects us to our home planet & plant life
  •  It's subtle, yet very protective!

Tourmaline Family

Alternative forms of tourmaline


Furthering Studies on tourmaline

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