Collection of readings for growth & curiosity.


Learning from others is a useful way to gather information. We currently are experiencing a revolutionary time where we are using/surrounded with more technology than ever! The information age: here people are learning at accelerated rates and evolving faster and faster in technology/consciousness. The planet is filled with confusing and corrupt information, we must learn to discern for ourselves the truth.

This growing bibliography includes Fiction, Non-Fiction, Unique writers and Authors. Gain new and exciting perspectives on life, and general world knowledge through a new book!


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This section focuses on Physical Health, Nutrition, Digestion, Beauty & anything relating to the physical body.

Nadine Artemis -Successful Self-Dentistry- Flowers Shining Everywhere Inc. 2011

Donna Gates -The Body Ecology Diet- Hay House 1996

Max Gerson M.D -A Cancer Therapy- Whittier Books 1958

Dr. Bernard Jensen -Guide to Better Bowel Care- Bernard Jensen International 1908

Peter Jentschura -Health by Purification- Verlag Peter Jentschura Publishing Company 1998

Hugh Newman -Earth Grids- Wooden Books LTD 2008

Paul Stamets -Mycelium Running- Ten Speed Press 2005

Dr. Jurgen Weihofen -Himalayan Crystal Salt - Sanoform 2002

Toni Weschler -Taking Charge of your Fertility- Harper Collins Publisher 2006

David Wolfe -Chaga- North Atlantic Books 2012

Food & Herbs

Nutrition, Cookbooks, Plants & Herbs

Phyllis A. Balch -Prescription for Nutritional Healing- Penguin Group 2010

Stephen Harrod Buhner -The Transformational Power of Fasting- Healing arts Press 2003

Allyson Kramer -Great GF Vegan Eats From Around the World- Fair Winds Press 2013

John Lust -The Herb Book- Benedict Lust 1974

Ani Phyo -Raw food Essentials- Da Capo Press 2010

Kymythy R. Schultze -Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats- Hay House 1998

Judita Wignall -Going Raw- Quarry Books 2011

David Wolfe -Eating for Beauty- North Atlantic Books 2007

David Wolfe -Superfoods- North Atlantic Books 2009


This section includes books for mental health, cognition & consciousness

Aleister Crowley -The Book of Lies- Red Wheel/Weiser 1913

LaBerge & Rheingold -Exploring the world of Lucid Dreaming- Random House 1990

Lama Choedak Rinpoche -Taming the Elephant Mind- Gorum Publications 2013

Eddie & Debbie Shapiro -The Meditation Book- Sterling Publishing 2000

Rupert Sheldrake -Morphic Resonance- Park Street Press 1981

Lau Tzu -Tao Te Ching- Sacred Books of the East 1891 


This section shares books that help us with emotions, feeling, healing, and the element of water

Yasmin Boland -Moonology- Hay House 2016

Daya Sarai Chocron -The Healing Power of Seashells- Earthdancer books 2005

Masaru Emoto -The Hidden Messages in Water- Beyond Worlds Publishing 2001

Louise Hay -You Can Heal Your Life- Hay House 1984

Drunvalo Melchizedek -Living in the Heart- Light Technology Publishing 2003

Varla Ventura -Among the Mermaids- Weiser books 2013


intending to share knowledge & awareness of higher energies. Sacred books, Juicy with righteous information

William Bloom -Working with Angels, Fairies & Nature Spirits- Piatkus 1998

Ram Dass -Be Here now- Hanuman Foundation 1971

Denning & Phillips -Astral Projection- Llewellyn Publications 1996

Brian Froud -Good Faeries Bad Faeries- Simon & Schuster 1998

Froud & Macbeth -The Faeries Oracle- Fireside 2000

Wil Huygen -Gnomes- Peacock Press/Bantam Book 1979

Amber K -True Magick- Llewellyn Publications 1990

Robert Kirk -The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns, and Fairies- Dover Publications 1933

Agapi Stassinopoulos -Conversations with the Goddesses- Stewart, Tabori & Chang 1999

Kevin J. Todeschi -Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records- Edgar Cayce Foundation 1998

Doreen Virtue Ph.D. -Archangels & Ascended Masters- Hay House 2003


Hone your Craft

Berk & Froud -The Runes of Elfland- Harry N. Abrams Inc 2003

Nancy Garen -Tarot Made Easy- Fireside 1989

Eden Gray -The Tarot Revealed- Bell Publishing 1960

Annie Lionnet -The Astrology Directory- The Ivy Press Limited 2003

Diana L. Paxson -Taking up The Runes- Red Wheel/Weiser 2005

Nigel Pennick -The Complete Illustrated Guide To Runes- Element Books Limited 1999

Lisa Peschel -A Practical Guide to The Runes- Llewellyn Publications 1989

William W. Hewitt -Tea Leaf Reading- Llewellyn Publications 1989


reference & learning guides.

Christa Faye Burka -Clearing Crystal Consciousness- Christa Faye Burka 1985

Dan Campbell -Edgar Cayce on the Power of Color Stones and Crystals- Association for Research and Enlightenment 1989

Gienger & Goebel -Gem Water- Earthdancer 2007

Melody -Love is in the Earth- Earth Love Publishing House 1995

Richard M. Pearl -How to Know the Minerals and Rocks- Signet Key Book 1955

Katrina Raphaell -Crystal Enlightenment- Aurora Press 1985

Simmons & Warner -Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation- Heaven and Earth Publishing 1988