Beltane Blessings

Mystic Michelle Online Journal

Happy Blessed Beltane!! Today marks the midway point between the Spring (Vernal) Equinox & the Summer Solstice! Beltane, also known as May Day is a Pagan Fire Festival and is considered a Cross Quarter Holiday. The cross quarter holidays occur between the equinox/solstice holidays.

We are now 6 months away from Halloween (unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere, in which case you are 6 months away from Beltane!) and the wheel turns to warmer weather, green things growing & flowers soon to bloom!

Some say Beltane officially begins when the Hawthorn Trees are in bloom! Here in Calgary, the thorny blossoms are still many weeks away.


The holiday of Beltane is celebrated in many places across the world by all different types of people. Origins come from Romanian, Celtic and Druid practices. As well as the fun community  (non denominational) celebration of May Day! Throughout the years, Beltane has evolved into a playful, fun, passionate and often ceremonial solar holiday.

European & Colonial people would celebrate May Day by holding a festival for all to join. There would be food, games, and the people would erect a May Pole, or decorate a May bush! The May pole is a tall tree that was chosen specifically for May Day. Chosen from the forest the night before, the tree was stripped of its branches and erected in the middle of the celebration. Participants such as young adults and children would perform a beautiful ribbon dance around the May pole! 

Other popular practices for the holiday were to create large bon fires! This was a time cattle was taken to graze in the newly green pastures, and many folklore following farmers believed the Beltane (and all hallows eve) fire purified and protected their cattle. From what? Thieves, Ill health or Malicious Faeries.

These in-between times (Sunset, Sunrise, Equinox, Eclipse, All Hallows Eve & Beltane) intrigue the faery folk. This time is very magickal, hanging between spring and summer.

Growth is apparent, along with the green sprouts and shoots, come nature faeries to boot!

If you wish to work with the fae, start with those who live below your own land. Before you start, do some strong research! You will quickly find people's mention of bad faeries. Protection is a must when working with Faery and protection can be as simple as holding something made of iron.

To make friends it is polite to leave them offerings. These can be as simple as a spoonful of honey, a cup of tea or oatmeal, a small plate of the food from your next meal or anything natural and shiny (ie.gemstones) All year long I leave offerings in a small cup for to my faery friends. More frequently when the weather is nice!

Meet the faeries with an open heart for the good of all involved harming none. Those drawn to your essence may show themselves to you, but since it is a faery, it will be a unique or alternative 'hello'


Themes for Beltane

  • Fertility
  • Love
  • Growth
  • Abundance
  • Play
  • Union
  • Sexual Desire
  • Creation
  • Spring
  • Passion
  • Gardening

Some of our favorite activities for making a magickal Beltane include... Building a fire (even better if it is outside!) Not feeling fire? Go for the water. Travel to a lake, river, stream or spring and bask in the ambiance of local natural water.

If you are in a romantic relationship, spend some quality time with your partner. Make time to play and explore each other, and have fun together (again even better if outside ;p) If you are single, spend some quality time with yourself, focus on self care and do what you love to do most.

Make some noise! Play guitar, drums, chimes, singing bowls, flutes or any other instrument you may have! This is especially fun when celebrating with children!

Divination is also quite powerful during the Beltane Holiday! Use your cards, runes, tea leaves, or augury to determine what the upcoming green of the year holds for you!