Balsam Poplar World Tree

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Balsam Poplar World Tree

Ever heard the concept of the World Tree?

The world tree is a shamanic/heathen concept. Used metaphorically as a map to journey throughout the spirit realm.

The trunk represents the Physical earth Realm (Midgard)

The tree tops, such as the branches and leaves represents the Higher Spirit Realms (Valhalla, Heaven)

The roots; the anchor to the ground  represent the lower dense realms (Hel, Summerland, Faery)

At the base of the tree is where we can sit and experience the concept of 'as above so below' and we are in the center.

You can climb a tree, or dig for truffles, but we always remain physically in the Earth Realm.

Using a tree as an image/guide during meditations can help you transcend from the restraints of the Earth realm, projecting us forward into the realm of energy and spirit above or below!

Trees are like sentinels from the Earth to the other realms. Especially the big ones! They are watchers and care takers (creating O2 for us to breathe) They can absorb our dense negative energy, and inspire us with new clean fresh growing energy, just by sitting and attuning to the tree!

I love all trees, but pay special attention and try to find the ones you resonate with the most. (I am fond of Poplar, Ash, Hawthorn, Mangrove, Oak, Yew and Birch.)


Populis - Meaning 'Of the People'

Balsam poplars are the big giant trees surrounding Calgary street ways. Broad leaves, beautiful in the autumn, perfect to climb!

They are the ones responsible for getting the bottom of our feet sticky in the spring from the buds of the tree, which also holds good medicine!

Balsam Poplars are the northern most American hardwood. Hard chunky bark, that comes alive with ants on really hot days. Best to visit at night when its nice out.

In The Herbcrafters Tarot The card for XVII The Star is Cottonwood! When you snap a branch of this tree the cross section reveals a star!

The tree I frequent has the best view, overlooking fish creek park near raven rocks. I visit my tree often in meditation at home, and physically anytime I go for a walk in the neighborhood. I love introducing my tree to my family and friends, and hugging it with them!


Balsam Poplar's Medicine is restorative, sticky, calming, and caring for the skin.

Benefits of The Balsam Poplar Tree






Uses for Balsam Poplar

Historically used by first nations medicinally and for building and patching canoes

Good for the sore throat, lungs, stomach, and the chest.

Topically it can help with inflammation due to arthritis and rheumatism.

Also very good for dry cracking skin, psoriasis, cuts, scrapes, swellings and eczema.

Use the resin of this tree as a natural band-aid


Connecting to Your World Tree

Remember if there were there any trees you loved as a child?

Maybe you have a tree in your yard or close to home you like to visit. Start or continue a conversation with it energetically. 

Go for walks and find a tree you love the most!

If you connect with rocks and gems easily, look for a large stone near a grand tree. Pick it up and listen/meditate with it.

Bring a smaller stone home (ask first) and meditate or have a bath with that. This will connect you to the tree from home. You can return the stone to the tree later if you feel called to.

Before returning home from the tree, throw your arms around for a hug, and thank it!

You can also leave an offering at the beginning or end of your visit. Like a present, it can be water, crystals, bird food, maybe you'll clean up surrounding litter.

Leave no permanent physical trace. Keep nature perfect!


Relaxing Tree Meditation

  • Sit with your back resting on a tree, and listen to its wisdom.
  • New rejuvenating breath comes in through the upper branches and the leaves on the inhale..... 
  • Old negative unwanted, heavy energy can leave through the exhale, down into the root system of the tree.
  • Release.....
  • Breathe in synchronization as long as you need.....

The tree drinks the dense energy. They can handle it, us humans often can not.

After a fight, or negative encounter try this technique and see if the tree can ease up your stresses.



Canadian Wild-crafted Balsam Poplar Oil Infusion

Soothes itches, cat scratches, rashes, drys skin and burns with the sweet smell of Balsam Buds. Ready for Harvest early Springtime in Canada.

Original recipe dates back historically to the indigenous people of turtle island. I got my copy from my friend and Herbalist Kalyn @ Kodiak Herbal. Recipe is very easy.

  • Collect buds,
  • Submerge buds in a stable oil (coconut/jojoba I used)
  • Double boil in a slow cooker for hours until your liking (longer is stronger)
  • Strain & store in a glass container.

This Recipe can be used to make balms and blends, you can also use it as is to massage and moisturize the skin.