Snakeskin Agate

Family/Variety: Banded Quartz/Agate; a form of chalcedony (silicon dioxide)

Shape/Crystal System: Trigonal

Hardness: 6.5-7

Colour Range: Brown/White/Grey

Chakra: Root/Crown

Safe in Water: Yes



 Renewal. Strength. Reclamation. Activation. New & Necessary Growth.

Direction: South

Element: Fire

Zodiac: Scorpio♏︎

Planetary/Ruling Bodies:  Pluto

Guardian/Deity: Serpent

Partners well with: Kundulini Quartz

This fantastic rock is a form of chalcedony that closely resembles snake skin. It exhibits a white mottling that feels like the rind of brie cheese.



Where this stone came from and where can you find it?

This form of Agate is a Sporadic gemstone rarely occurring around our globe. One popular excavation site is in Rome Oregon, United States. It has also been found in India, Africa and Brazil.

Physical Properties

How does Snakeskin Agate Work on the Physical Body?

Snakeskin agate like all agate, physically helps soothe any eye problems, but this form also targets the ears (auditory canal) and eases any hearing problems.

Can settle someones stomach upset.

It helps with proper circulation, fatigue, and overworked beings.

A face wash with water charged by snakeskin agate is said to diminish wrinkles and soothe the skin.



Energetic Properties

How Does  Snakeskin Agate Affect the energy bodies?

Use snakeskin agate for strength during all the busy times in life, and to ease any worries of the mind. Great for the worrying type.

It makes one cheerful on the inside which soon will radiate outwards to all.
This stone holds the energy of reclamation and has a reputation to help in finding lost things.

It can also make you become 'lost in a crowd' if you focus with it. Good for shapeshifting and invisibility.

This stone is associated with snakes and the Kundalini, and will initiate a rising of this energy.

Creative Ways to Use Snakeskin Agate

some fun and creative ways to work with agate
  • Raise the Kundalini power during meditations and yoga.
  • Hold it and have it in the environment during breathing exercises.
  • Restore and refresh the 'lizard brain' with intention and meditation.

Vibrates to the number 2

Snakeskin Agate awakens the Kundalini

Connect to the Middle/Lower Realms with Snakeskin Agate


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