Family/Variety: Banded Quartz/Agate; a form of chalcedony (silicon dioxide)

Shape/Crystal System: Trigonal

Hardness: 6.5-7

Colour Range: Translucent with Earth Tones

Chakra: Earth/Heart

Safe in Water: Yes



Nature. Growth. Harmony. Agreements. Efficacy.

Direction: North/East

Element: Air/Earth

Zodiac: Virgo ♍︎

Planetary/Ruling Bodies:  Earth

Guardian/Deity: Dryad/Earth Mother

Partners well with: Green Kyanite

Moss agate was named so because of the green inclusions within the transparent agate that looks like foliage or moss.


History: Moss Agate was used by the First Nations as a power stone. It was incorporated into rain dances, and weather workings.

Physical Properties: You can use moss agate to strengthen weather magick/workings, and as a tool assist in cloud bursting.
Great when dealing with fungus, like candida/yeast in the body.

Use it topically (in baths or elixirs) for skin disorders.


Energetic Properties: Wonderfully moss agate can be used as a touchstone towards the plant and mineral kingdoms.

It's a great stone for Earth Warriors, Earth Magick, Shinrin-Yoku, Permaculture, Gardening, Farming, Herbalism and Plant Growth in general.
This stone increases and strengthens positive personality traits, and opens ones eyes towards beauty of the natural world.

Creative ways to use Moss Agate: Journey with the Earth Mother while holing Moss agate! Listen to her, give her your love and gratitude, and remember to wait for it to be returned!

Bury Moss Agate in your garden or house plants!


Moss Agate is an excellent stone to use when working with the Earth in any capacity.

Vibrates to the number 1

Use it to connect to Nature Altar!

Moss Agate can help one develop a green thumb


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