Family/Variety: Banded Quartz/Agate; a form of chalcedony (silicon dioxide)

Shape/Crystal System: Trigonal

Hardness: 6.5-7

Colour Range: Brown/Black/Grey

Chakra: Earth/Root

Safe in Water: Yes



 Attunement. Center. Connect.

Direction: North

Element: Air

Zodiac: Scorpio♏︎/Sagittarius♐︎/Cancer♋︎

Planetary/Ruling Bodies:  Earth

Guardian/Deity: Faery

Partners well with: Obsidian

Otherwise called Desert Moon Agate, Avalonite, Globular Agate. This form of agate is circular shaped (botryoidal) black/brown in colour.


History: Globular Agate is found in the Sahara desert of East Asia and Morocco. Similar stones are found in the Gobi Desert but are much smaller, rarer and more see-through.

Physical Properties: Physically Moon Agate is helpful for those suffering from Earthly Pains, and will help dissipate physical pain on all levels.



Energetic Properties: Moon agate removes distractions, and can help one see the complete picture of a situation.

It is wonderful on altars and can be used as a conduit, increasing our connection to other beings, especially the faery realm.

This agate helps us to attune to the center of our Earth, and subsequently the center of our being, the heart space.

It increases connection with ones spirit guides.

It encourages self healing and attunes our healing towards the energy of perfection.  Stimulates ethereal meridians, higher chakras (not only our main 7)  and happily instills positivity within the hearts of humanity.

Creative ways to use Moon Agate: Using this stone in meditation can provoke clairaudient experiences.



Moon Agate is an excellent stone to use when grounding, or connecting to the loving Earth's Vibrations! Vibrates to the number 4

Moon Agate brings complete comfort in Meditation.

Place on A Faery Altar!


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