Family/Variety: Banded Quartz (silicon dioxide)

Shape/Crystal System: Hexagonal

Hardness: 7

Colour Range: All

Chakra: All

Safe in Water: Yes



Inspiration. Grace. Stability. Adroitness. Individuality. Uniqueness.

Direction: Above

Element: Air

Zodiac: Gemini

Planetary/Ruling Bodies:  Mercury

Guardian/Deity: Sprite

Partners well with: Hematite

Agate is an abundant and popular banded form of chalcedony. In this manifestation of quartz, every piece is completely unique. No two pieces are alike,  and each stone has its own special beauty.


History: This stone was revered in ancient India, and is still used today in Indian culture. Agate has been used historically as medicine wherever it has been found, world renowned! It was boiled/added to water to be used for cooking/drinking in order to dispel sickness.

Physical Properties: Physically agate is reported to strengthen the sight and to diminish thirst. 

Use agate to assist the bodies hollow organs (stomach, bladder, womb, ect...)

Wearing agate can help cure insomnia and give the wearer pleasant dreams.

Perfect for a water elixir or bath to heal.


Energetic Properties:  Agate brings balance to yin and yang energies. The light and dark of our being can be balanced with agate!

Agate stabilizes the aura and brings harmony to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of the body.

Creative Ways to use Agate: Create a healing water elixir by placing agate directly into a glass container of water.



Agate stone holds an adroit energy, and will awaken this energy within you. Soon with use of this stone, many people find new talents, and many others are awakened to their own personal inherent talents.

It is a stone that brings inspiration while viewing/ gazing upon it, and creates a centered feeling of connection. This connection links us to those entities residing in the spiritual worlds, and to our brothers and sisters of this world.

Agate forms on the outside of Geodes

Agate is often dyed a variety of bright colours


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