At Mermaid Wholistic we connect to and connect you with the whole self.



ichelle has been working for over a decade as a healing facilitator, using modalities/tools such as Reiki, Divination/Readings and Crystal Therapy. Michelle works with energy personally and professionally, working diligently to enhance all harmony and develop stronger coherency.



In a Healing/Teaching session, she creates a safe space for her clients to relax/experience, allowing them to release, balance and move into their own personal greatness, more connected within themselves.

Since Childhood, Michelle has respectfully worked with rocks/stones/minerals/crystals to empower, connect and heal wholly. She uses techniques such as 'laying on of crystals' or Crystal Healing, Meditations, Programing & Divination. Michelle can offer you many different ways to connect deeper to your own Gems and Minerals.


Education & Certification

  • Usui Reiki Master

  • Certified in Massage/Physical Therapy/Anatomy/Reflexology from Mount Royal University & Makami College in Calgary, Alberta

  • Alkaline/Fermented/Raw/Vegan Chef

  • Divination Professional (Cards/Runes/Crystals/Augury/Chakra/Energy/Posture)

  • Crystal Therapy (Gemstone Divination/Ark Crystal Healing/Education on Crystals)

  • Music Therapy (Shamanic Drumming/Tibetan Singing Bowls)


~ We save the world by saving ourselves! ~

For Fun

Michelle spends most of her free time drinking herbal teas and making delicious food with her Partner. Together they create healthy, tasty, nutritious food, that nourishes/heals the body. They love to share it with others and you can follow them @Kalecouple & www.kalecouple.ca

Other than food, Michelle is passionate about writing, reading, dancing, yoga, qi gong, magick, meditation and sleep. She can be found swimming in the local rivers/creeks, hiking, star gazing and is often outside in her natural surroundings. 

Her love of nature runs deep, this Mermaid is a peaceful Ambassador for our planet Earth! Fighting to protect the natural world, she is friends with the Extra Terrestrial, Angel, Animal, Faery, Plant and Stone Kingdoms.


Connect deeply to our planet and work to awaken this in others! Insure that we preserve the Earth's natural beauty. I advocate for the health and wellness of our planet and all its residents! Together we will strive to live in harmony with each other and our planet, always leaving our surroundings better than when we first arrived.