About Mystic Mermaid Wholistic

Welcome to the Community

Seeking connection? Looking for comfortable company? Your people? Mystic Mermaid Wholistic is a community of like minded individuals based on natural living. Here all parts of you are welcome, here you are encouraged to be authentic; Your (W)holistic Self!


Meet Mystic / Mermaid Michelle

Meet with an Open heart

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by Mermaids. Everything Mysterious and Magical draws my attention, (especially if it raises consciousness) and in turn mystical things are drawn to me. I honor our individuality while simultaneously see us each connected to all!

Let me be your teacher, your guide, and your healing facilitator on this wholistic journey into self.

One persons pain is all of our pain - yet one persons joy is all of our joy! You're a part of the movement and everything matters


Training & Qualifications


  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Certified in Massage/Physical Therapy/Anatomy/Reflexology from Mount Royal University & Makami College in Calgary, Alberta
  • Certified in Iridology at Kodiak Herbal in Calgary, Alberta
  • Divination Professional (Cards/Runes/Crystals/Augury/Chakra/Energy/Posture)
  • Delegate of the Resonance Science Foundation
  • Alkaline/Fermented/Raw/Vegan Chef
  • Guided Meditation - Personal (Wholistic) Journeys
  • Crystal Therapy (Gemstone Divination/Ark Crystal Healing/Education on Crystals)
  • Music Therapy (Shamanic Drumming/Tibetan Singing Bowls)


Passions, Projects & Hobbies

Michelle is passionate about writing, reading, dancing, yoga and sleep. She loves tea, animals, insects, herbs, rocks, faery's and angels. She is a peaceful Ambassador for our planet Earth! She fights to protect the health of the natural world and is often outside in nature, swimming in the local rivers/creeks, practicing WHM, hiking and at night frequently star gazing. Michelle is strongly interested in evolving and connecting peacefully with Extra Terrestrial Civilizations.

Michelle met her twin flame in 2012 and together they grew their love of nutrition/super-foods, qi gong, music and unified physics. They create healthy, tasty and nutritious food, that nourishes/heals the body and you can check it out @Kalecouple & www.kalecouple.ca

Soon to launch on Indiegogo is a piece of ancient mathematics you can build yourself! We call it Ancientech! Read more about this exciting new campaign on our website www.Ancientech.ca and Follow us @ancientech_