Meet the Mystic

Connecting the Whole Self

ichelle Bulechowsky is a natural born mystic, who has worked for over a decade as a healing facilitator.

She offers Reiki, Divination, Crystal Therapy and Meditations to empower you on your spiritual journey!

A session with Michelle will encompass all levels of the body (physical/mental/emotional/spiritual). The truth is that the only way we can heal the world by first healing ourselves!




Training & Qualifications
  • Usui Reiki Master

  • Certified in Massage/Physical Therapy/Anatomy/Reflexology from Mount Royal University & Makami College in Calgary, Alberta

  • Alkaline/Fermented/Raw/Vegan Chef

  • Divination Professional (Cards/Runes/Crystals/Augury/Chakra/Energy/Posture)

  • Crystal Therapy (Gemstone Divination/Ark Crystal Healing/Education on Crystals)

  • Music Therapy (Shamanic Drumming/Tibetan Singing Bowls)


passions & hobbies

Michelle is passionate about writing, reading, dancing, yoga, qi gong, unified physics and sleep. She loves tea, animals, insects, herbs, rocks, faery's and angels. Both Michelle and her partner value nutrition/ superfoods. Together they create healthy, tasty, nutritious food, that nourishes/heals the body. Follow them at @Kalecouple & www.kalecouple.ca

Michelle is a peaceful Ambassador for our planet Earth! She will stand up to protect the health of the natural world and is often outside in her natural surroundings. She swims in the local rivers/creeks, practices WHM, hikes and at night is frequently star gazing. Michelle is strongly interested in connecting peacefully with other Extra Terrestrial Civilizations.