Welcome to Mermaid Wholistic! This wonderful community (intended to be an online sanctuary) is a collaboration of like minded, heart centered individuals who have a genuine interest in nature & the healing arts. We provide distance sessions & group Reiki circles.

Working as a healing facilitator, Michelle creates a safe and sacred space for others to experience deep relaxation, and be able to release limitations, fully heal, and connect with themselves.

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Experience for yourself a Wholistic Session! Bring universal light to all parts of your being (physical/emotional/mental/spiritual) using Crystal and Reiki Therapy, or tap into your subconscious with Divination methods such as tarot, oracle cards, or the runes. Now is the time to step into your own personal greatness, opening up to all parts of your radiant self. 

Work with Mystic Michelle

Limited online bookings available. Treat yourself to a deeper level of wellness that transcends time and space encompassing your whole self! Michelle provides powerful and effective sessions, experience one for yourself!

Reiki Therapy

Traditional Usui Reiki reduces stress, anxiety, calms pain, encourages mental, physical, emotional & spiritual health.

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Accurate tarot, rune, or oracle readings can bring much of what is hidden towards the light.


Crystal Therapy

Healing with Crystals & Minerals. Find out how to utilize gemstones from around the world.

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If you are looking for connection and a community based on wholistic living, reach out! Whether your interests are in Reiki, Divination and Readings, Meditations and Crystal Therapy or Group Healing circles, you are welcome and encouraged to be your most authentic; Your (W)holistic Self!