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Traditional Usui Reiki and Energy Work

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Reiki is defined as the transfer of universal life force energy from one person (practitioner) to another (client). It is a treatment to help realign your energy centers or chakras, stimulate healing, and bring an overall peace to your being. Reiki is a wholistic therapy meaning the benefits affect your spiritual, physical, emotional and mental being. Reiki healing can happen at all levels of the body, and is very intuitive, going directly where it is needed most. Michelle's first healing technique learned was reiki, she prioritizes Reiki as part of meditation and healing.


The term reiki comes from Japan, but the concept is much older. Reiki healing is similar to channeling energy, but with aid through the use of symbols. These specific symbols are similar to sigils or the runes in a sense that the symbol itself holds power. The reiki symbols are a gentle gateway to the magnificent healing power of the universe.

 Reiki Healing RaysReiki Healing Rays


"I first came to reiki when my cat got sick, and I wanted a gentle way to help her. It was my first technique ever learned, and I've been practicing it for over 13 years. Reiki energy is deeply close to my heart, and whether a little or a lot, I use reiki energy every day." -Mermaid Michelle



A Reiki session is very relaxing. Usually lasting from 30 minutes to and Hour, the Reiki Practitioner will channel Energy/Ki/Prana from the universe into you. Not feeling like yourself lately?Needing a tune up, or a balancing?  Reiki is a safe and natural way to truly enlighten the body.


The many benefits of ReikiThe many benefits of Reiki

  Reiki can be done from any distance to any place in time.

 Distance Reiki can last 35 minutes to an hour. Reiki healing is very intuitive, always going to the area that needs healing the most, and distance healing is very wholistic, working every level of the body. It usually will need less time than a session in person, as distance healing is very effective, thoroughly affecting your space quickly.



Session are $55 and will usually include deep breathing, light meditation and/or sound healing. *Currently Mermaid Wholistic is only offering Reiki distantly.

The path to Reiki is not an easy one, but is a rewarding and fulfilling Journey.

Learn Reiki

There are three degrees/levels involved in the reiki attunement. Each Level opens us, and allows our bodies to hold a higher capacity of energy.


Mermaid Wholistic teaches reiki with the changing seasons, to assist with shifts and changes that arise during the reiki journey.


By learning reiki you are receiving universal love and light into your being, and your hands. This raises the vibration of the entire human race creating more and more healers to better our world. Even if you learn reiki for personal use, you will better your world, and this ripples to the rest of the world. 



Reiki Level I

Join us in the healing journey for Reiki Level 1 tentatively planned for Winter, in Calgary Alberta Canada!

Classes are being kept very small. 

Email- for for information, and to sign up.