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 Rune Readings

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 The Runes

The story of the runes is an intense one. Much like the hanged man card in the tarot, Odin sacrificed himself for 9 days on the Norse World Tree Yggdrasill. This was a trial or a test for Odin, His sacrifice to himself, and on the 9th day he was gifted the vision of the Runes.


The Runes, also called the Elder FUTHARK, are an ancient way of writing, using sticks and symbols. The shapes themselves hold power meaning and magick. Any of these rune symbols can be meditated upon to bring answers to what troubles you. Since the shape holds the power, we are drawn to certain ones, so without even knowing why, they call to us.


Runes, much like tarot, pull from the subconscious mind. The symbols are linked to our psyche, and encourage wisdom, healing and growth! A reading from the runes will be honest, helpful, curt, and very informative. They can show direction, provide advice, or even tell a story. I highly recommend creating your own set. This places your story into the runes and it will always be most accurate for you! You can even spell your name or write out intentions with runes, write Runic Poetry, or combine them to create your own personal sigil!  Rune sets can be made from sheets of paper, wood, or river rocks. I made my first set on pumpkin seeds.