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Postural Assessment & Energy Readings

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This type of readings is a bit more personal. Here we look at the physical body currently experiencing pain, or discomfort.

Proper posture for the body is important because most joints should be stacked, and aligned, fully supported on top of the other all the way up from the feet.  Today people experience discomfort from accidents, injuries, poor sleeping posture, cell phones and numerous different impacts. The physical body can also be out of balance because the emotions in the body are unsettled. Fights, arguments, insecurities, anger, and any heavy dense emotion can cause tension in the body, leading to improper Energy/Ki/Prana flow. 


This reading will look at the physical components of the body, as well as emotional energy centers or Chakras.


Chakras can be defined as spinning wheel. It is a word from Indian culture, translated from Sanskrit, meaning wheel or disk. Other cultures call them energy centers, or meridian channels. Think of them as energetic organs that circulate energy throughout the body. If this energy is blocked, or over/under charged, then it cannot properly flow, and we cannot properly flow. Often times a physical pain and disorder will first show up in the energetic and emotional bodies before you experience it physically. This blockage of physical and energetic energy can be discovered and corrected, and you will feel more like yourself, and less like your illness!

  *Physical & Energetic Assessment must be done in person closer than 2 meters, during covid-19 Pandemic this type of reading is unavailable.