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Iris Readings

Iridology is a term for reading the iris and overall eye, looking to determine inherited strengths and weaknesses. The iris holds a blueprint, or a microcosm for the body. We can look into ones eyes and see many different parts of the body. Digestive system, skin, stress, elimination, circulation, and proper absorption. This small part of the body can help show us the whole picture! Iridology is an excellent addition to knowing your body completely, and supporting your health with insight directly from the eyes. I believe the eyes are the windows to the soul, you have been looking out those eyes for many life times, lets see what they have to say.  The answer to your health questions could be hiding in your eye! 

*Iridology must be done in person closer than 2 meters, during covid-19 Pandemic this type of reading is unavailable.

~The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul~