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Crystal & Sea Shell Readings

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Mermaid Health and Wellness Crystal SetMermaid Health and Wellness Crystal Set

Crystal Readings

Using specific stones from a created set, this well balanced crystal set is programmed to pull insight from the higher self, leading us towards understanding the areas of our lives and the areas of our bodies that need attention, care, and balancing. This is a very accurate and healing reading, and you will often leave with simple direction on the next step to take towards total well-being. Below are the stones and the meaning behind them.



Labradorite- Third Eye

Aquamarine Cube- Throat

Rose Quartz-Heart

Yellow Calcite-Solar Plexus

Sunstone- Sacral

Red Tiger Ore- Root

Shiva Lingam-Male

Goddess Stone-Female

Abalone- Water

Tibetan Tektite-Air


Fire Opal- Fire


Crystal Readings can also be done from a distance using the crystals from your collection. Just gather up some stones, and together we can decipher what your stones are saying to you. 

~Gratitude for the Crystals ~

Sea Shell Readings

Divination with Sea Shells are also known as Conchomancy. Here we cast a set of shells and Corals than read their direction, placement and meanings. Each shells hold different energy, and messages. Spiral Shells help you move forward towards your goals, While Radiating Shells like Scallops extend your reach outwards, they can also be very helpful and relieving pain.

Cowrie Shells

Lions Paw


Spiral Shells




Spiral Shell from IndiaSpiral Shell from India