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Card Readings

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Tarot Readings

Tarot Cards have long been with humans for guidance and direction. Some people communicate with spirit through the cards, as I have done through reading myself and others for over 15 years. My readings do not tell you the future, but they show your part to play in any situation including your future. The future is constantly changing based on the choices we make in life, and understanding these choices are much more valuable than just seeing the possibilities.


The tarot works on the subconscious, and shuffling them puts your energy, vibration and style into the deck. When the cards are drawn, it pulls from the askers subconscious and certain cards that are necessary to the askers growth will pop up. To interpret this subconscious messages the card reader will read from the ancient symbols and numbers on the cards, than relay the meaning.


Tarot has always been a popular source of information because it is highly accessible. Especially today, there are decks with different themes, and colour schemes, traditional decks, or ones with art that is way outside the box. We have yet to find the origins of tarot, and theory tells us both parts of the tarot came from different regions. The most recent I recall was The Gypsy's who would read people using traditional playing cards (hearts, swords, clubs, and spades) This is what became the 56 cards of the minor arcana. The major arcana are much older. Speculation on the history tells us they were around during the time of Ancient Egypt.

Take a peek into yourself, and tap into the magick. Do you wonder what the cards have to say?

 Oracle Readings

There are many other types of cards for divination that hold little to no connection to the mysterious tarot. Many call these oracle decks. These can be expressed as Animals, Emotions, Mermaids, Gods and Goddess decks, Trees, Herbs, Flowers, Affirmations, Angels, and Faery! If you can think of it, It's most likely out there. The trouble is finding one that resonates with you!


The oracle deck I was gifted is 'the Faeries Oracle' This deck is quite special and the artwork is truly beautiful. I felt familiar and comfortable, and am constantly blown away by my deep connection to this deck. The faeries oracle is a collaboration between Human and Fae to remove what distracts us, and assist us in working on ourselves to become better people.


The Fee Lions Expression Reminds us to do those tasks we would rather put off!The Fee Lions Expression Reminds us to do those tasks we would rather put off!


Faeries have been know to cause mischief! This happens when humans are not watching the direction they are headed (literally and metaphorically). When this happens, it is best to take a personal inventory, and acknowledge the impact we have on others! Even the smallest beings can be affected by our bad habits. Stay grounded, think about your relationship to this circle of life. Do you help make the world a better place? Faeries show us what we need to see, test us in strength, courage and friendship, all gently nudging us forwards towards our own personal growth. 

~Faeries hide what we want, and reveal what you need- Brian Froud~