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Tiger Eye VarietyTiger Eye Variety

Tiger's Eye

~Stability, Courage, Insight, Grounding, Practical, Protective~

Vibrates to the number 4

Family: Quartz (oxide)

Crystal System: Hexigonal

Hardness: 7

Colour Range: Golden Yellow/Brown/Red/Blue

Chakra: Heart/Solar Plexus/Sacral/Root
Direction: East

Element: Earth

Guardian: The Sun


Tigers Eye has beautiful twisted, crumpled fibers, is chatoyant, and the colours range from red, brown, gold, cream, black, and blue. It holds the power of the Sun and Sunlight, and synthesizes the energies of the Sun and Earth.


Energetic Properties:

This stone is best for people who have that Earthy energy, as it adapts, and works well with Earth centered folk. It brings with it stability and dynamic beauty, stimulates wealth, and enhances/stabilizes what is required to maintain that wealth. Tigers eye connects us to our fellow man/woman on Earth, reminding us that we are all one. Oneness. Also a good cure for 'The Blues' replacing them with a bright optimism.

Tiger's eye works on the heart, all the way down

(Heart -> Solar Plexus -> Sacral -> Root -> Earth)


Tigers Eye helps develop psychic abilities by working to gently attune the third eye. Because it holds strong solar energy it can be used to psychically develop the solar plexus chakra, so that we can gather intuitive impressions from this energy center. It is also great for protecting the solar plexus center and protecting us on emotional full moons, or Halloween when the veil is thin.



Physical Properties:

Physically Tigers eye has been used for eye and throat disorders. Great for supporting the reproductive system, aligns the spine, and assists the skeleton in mending broken bones. 


*Ive included Tiger Iron below which is a mixture of tigers eye, jasper & hematite 


Tiger Iron

 ~Stability, Grounding, Geometry~

 Vibrates to the number 7

Family: Quartz (oxide)  

Crystal System: Hexigonal  


Colour Range: Brown/Red  

Chakra: Root  
Direction: East       

Element: Earth  


Tiger Iron is a mixture of golden tigers eye, red jasper, and black hematite. This combination makes a super strong trio of protection. It also goes by the name of mugglestone. Along with protection this stone is great for physical strength, stamina, and exercise. Can help one in search of a safe haven. It shows one beauty, and stimulates creativity that's in alignment with mathematical perfection, and geometrical expression.


Do not soak this mineral directly in water, but keep it outside the container to charge for use as an elixir. Using this stone helps absorb B-complex vitamins, great for the muscles, and stimulates proper steroid production.