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Prehnite. Heals the HealerPrehnite. Heals the Healer


~Healing, Self Love & Acceptance, Dreaming, ET Connection~

Vibrates to the number 5

 Family/Variety:  Silicate (Zeolite)   

Crystal System: Orthorhombic (Pyramidal) 

Hardness: 6-6.5
Colour Range: Green   

Chakra: Heart
Direction: East   

Element: Earth 

Zodiac: Libra   ♎︎
Planetary/Ruling Bodies: Venus 

Guardian: Extra Terrestrial


Prehnite is formed inosilicate of calcium and aluminum which most often forms in stalactitic or botryoidal Shapes. Prehnite was the first gemstone to ever be named after a person. Colonel Hendrik Von Preh first discovered Prehnite in 1788 in South Africa.


This stone heals the healer, heals the heart chakra and protects on all levels. An excellent stone for all healers, and great to use in crystal grids for calming. This stone stimulates and increases energy.


Energetic Properties:

Prehnite connects people with certain guides that are correct and right for the individual using the stone. It assists in our contact with spirit or energetic entities while visualizing or meditating. It can be programmed to connect to specific Gods/Goddesses/Civilizations/Star People through intention, intuitive guidance, and meditation.


Prehnite is a dream stone, great for remembering/recalling dreams, and providing safe healing sleep. This stone is great to slip under the pillow, or meditate holding it before bed.


This stone has been used for divination and prophesy, allowing the divine to work through the prehnite. The predictions made using prehnite are always accurate and precise, and should not be taken lightly. In fact is it better to use this stone of prophesy for personal growth, and personal direction only.

This stone is also good to use in stabilizing hectic group energy, when working with others!

Physical Properties:

Physically this stone is great for treatments of the kidneys and bladder (gem elixir), Dissolving fat soluble substances (detox), Metabolism and weight can be targeted, and connective tissue health optimized. 


Prehnite often has Epidote inclusions or rutilations running through it....


Epidote is often included in PrehniteEpidote is often included in Prehnite


~ Amplification. Expanded Awareness. Consciousness ~

 Vibrates to the Number 2

Family/Variety:  Silicate (Zeolite)   Epidote the Amplifier. Mermaid Wholistic Quick Reference and Correspondence.  Epidote the Amplifier. Mermaid Wholistic Quick Reference and Correspondence.

Crystal System: Monoclinic 

Hardness: 6-7
Colour Range: Green/Brown/Red/Black   

Chakra: Crown/Heart
Element: Earth     

Zodiac: Gemini ♊

Prehnite/Unakite (Epidote is responsible for the green colouration in Unakite) often surrounds or includes epidote striations. Epidote is complex structurally, having both single and double silicate tetrahedrons, causing it to visually reach out in many directions.


Also called Pistacite, it is named after the Greek word 'increase' and works by assisting and amplifying the talents of the individual who uses it. It increases the properties of any stone growing together with it.


The inclusion of Epidote further enhances ones emotional and spiritual growth.

Energetic Properties:

Cleansing repressed memories and emotions for good. Epidote removes the old and repressed so that we may move forward into optimal health, UN-inhibited by the past.


Epidote will enhance peoples participation and interaction with others, thus teaching us our own lessons in personal power. It also acts to increase our overall abundance and energy.


Physical Properties:

Epidote can be used to combat dehydration, and the use of an elixir topically is great for smoothing and softening skin.


Also can be soothing for the nervous system.


Some have reported Epidote to help with Chronic Fatigue, but only if one uses it along side other health goals (ie. diet/exercise)