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~ Rainbow, Amplification, For the Pure of Heart~


All Chakras (especially Crown) Astrological Sign of Cancer, Libra (October Birthstone), Pisces & Scorpio. Vibrates to the number 8


Opal is formed along with water, often originating in sedimentary deposits, and is part of the silicate family. They are surprisingly light because of the water content, that can rage anywhere from 3-21% usually averaging around 6-10% water. It can develop not only in these deposits, but replace fossil wood, bone, shells, or even crystals and other minerals. Opal inclusions are quite common. Opal comes in many colours and the internal structure of the opals cause it to diffract light.

Faithfulness, loyalty and a controlled temper are some attributes assigned to using opal, in all relations such as love, business, and friendships.

Opals stimulate originality, inspiration, imagination and creativity. Opal was designated as the "Gem of the Gods" and aboriginal people from all over the globe acknowledge its power. It has been used by Australian Shamans to invoke visions and was used during ceremonial Dream time. North American Indigenous have included Opals as part of the vision quest ceremony.

Wearing Opals, such as jewelry,  have been popular throughout history. Opals are prized and beautiful, and wearing them adds this to your Auric Field.


Mermaid Wholistic. Quick reference and correspondence for OpalMermaid Wholistic. Quick reference and correspondence for Opal

Physically it was used to treat disorders of the eye, in earlier times people would hold it between the eyes, or place on the forehead to help with proper focus.

Great for eye problems of all kinds (nearsightedness, farsightedness, cataracts.) 






Included below are some variations in the opal family, thus adding more unique properties to this beautiful stone.


Andean Opal

Heart & Third Eye Chakra, Virgo & Aries, Vibrates to the number 2


This variety of Opal is found along the Andes Mountain range and exhibits a variety of healing colours.

Great for spiritual journeys! Andean Opal assists to protect & assist the direction of the journey for the highest good. This opal also makes hidden knowledge more accessible. Also a helpful stone when physically traveling, as it opens the user to new and wondeful experiences safely.


Andean Opal is useful in divination practices, as it has been known to induce a strong meditative state. The predictions or outcome of the divination always points to your highest good, removing distractions from the spiritual journey.


This stone instills the knowledge of what is 'right' and dispels strong emotional reactions to what is 'wrong'.


Physically use Andean Opals to help disorders of the heart, lungs, and thymus. Corrects water retention, buy increasing circulation. 

Black Opal

Third Eye & Root Chakra, Scorpio & Sagittarius, Vibrates to the number 1


Small nodules within black rock, showing a wide spectrum of colour!


Grounding Stone. Teaches us to trust our inner knowing. Great for divination, gazing & intuition development. Black Opals ground the spiritual energy of the third eye chakra.

Works to lift depression and protects one from oppressors.

Physically good  for eye trouble and can assist a practitioner in reading the eyes (ie Iridology). Helps dysfunctional eyes return towards homeostasis.

Boulder Opal

All Chakras, Especially the Earth Chakra. Virgo. Vibrates to the number 4


Develops nodules in large orbital boulders that are usually brown (iron oxide) in colour. The process of this opal is very slow and with the inclusions of opal, it will show growth rings, just like trees. After the boulder dehydrates, the spaces in between the mud that once held water, will now become home to boulder opal!


Each piece is completely individual and unique.


Spiritual progress, healing progress, clearing.

Connects us Earthlings to the beings of the stars! Extraterrestrial life, Angelic Life and life in the spirit world. Boulder Opal is great when honing in on celestial objects and working with the planets in our solar system. Boulder Opals help keep us grounded when connecting with such beings. 


Brings energetic and mental clarity, reminding us of the perfect state.

Fire Opal

All Chakras especially the Solar Plexus, Pisces, Sagittarius, Leo, Libra & Cancer. Element Fire. Vibrates to the number 9


Mystery and Change. A stone of progress as fire opal contains the spectral of colour called 'fire'



 Fire opal teaches progress, by speeding up our quest for life, making goals seem easier to attain.


Hope for the future!

Supports those in stressful situations by ameliorating fatigue & 'burn-out' 

Girasol Opal

Throat & Third Eye Chakra. Taurus. Vibrates to the number 3 & 9

Also known as blue opal, or girasol quartz. This stone has a sheen translucency which when light passes through it, girasol looks like a thin veil.


Girasol helps create freedom and gives us the courage needed in proper communication & speaking our truth. Even when it was hard in the past, this stone gives strength and courage to speak freely! It also provides discernment and allows one to recognize when these words are wasted on dull ears.


A soothing stone of feminine connection. Its physical appearance corresponds to our Moon and the wonder we feel when under the moon light. Use girasol for lunar connections (full moon/new moon meditations, half moon balancing, ect)


Girasol can enhance and mirror feelings, allowing proper communication to resolve conflicting energies. Because of these properties girasol is very useful when meditating, during visualization, spirit journeys, or dream work.
Physically girasol has been attributed to balancing metabolism & to treat fatigue. It has also been known to help hair loss by assisting in the proper assimilation of iron.

Pink Opal

Heart & Higher Heart Chakra. Virgo ♍︎, Libra ♎︎ & Sagittarius ♐︎. Vibrates to the number 6


Peaceful, high vibration, pink opal. Can be pink, white, or lavender purple and looks like peppermint candy.


This opal is a stone of renewal. It helps one to release any old stubborn patterns that no longer serve, and will renew old worn out ideas thus allowing us to see anew with eyes of a child, or a fresh new perspective. It also renews ones relationship towards themselves, bringing focus to self care/self love. This stone values independence, and reminds us to check in with ourselves more.


Pink Opal teach love and peace, promoting nourishment spiritually, emotionally, and physically.


Use pink opals to cleanse the mind. Purifying both the mind and heart space, these opals are gently healing for those with hurt and hardened hearts. This stone deepens personal healing, allowing us to reach out consciously through our hearts towards all beings on all planes of existence.


Physically pink opals are recorded to nourish the lungs, heart, spleen, and connective tissue of the body like fascia, ligaments, and tendons. Use as an elixir to calm and soothe the mind and body, and balance blood sugar. Using the water elixir on the skin topically is very soothing!

Yellow Opal

Crown & Solar Plexus Chakra, Leo ♌︎ & Libra ♎︎, Vibrates to the number 2


Also called Golden Opal.

Redefine any self limiting beliefs!

Yellow opals aligns all the chakras through the crown chakra. It corrects and re-aligns our spiritual and physical energy centers, and will inherently heighten the health of the body.

Yellow opals have strongly effect the physical body. They have a wonderful energy for cleansing infections & disorders. Gently reminding our organs, how to function properly. 

Golden opals remove many blockages in the body. Shine a light on physical emotional, and mental blocks using yellow opals!  


Helps to dissolve deposits in the body, such as gallstones, kidney stones, calcium deposits, and other abnormal unwanted growths.

The best way to accomplish this is to drink water elixirs made from the stone. Soak in the sun for added benefit. You can also hold a yellow opal at any area experiencing any discomfort to experience its power. 

Opal in Matrix

 All Chakras. Leo ♌︎ . Vibrates to the number 5



Can show as opal in Rock/ Bone/ Wood/ Shells.

Opals are all around in nature embedded into beautiful mountains, sea shells, & petrified wood.



Progresses us towards our destiny in life, allowing us to feel serenity.