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Crystal Companions


~Crystals are a wonderful tool to use in Healing sessions. Be it personal, or with a practitioner. Laying on of crystals is a very ancient practice many still benefit from today~


What are Crystals?

When its cold, water falls from the sky in the form of Snow or Ice crystals. Sand is small broken up pieces of shells and crystal. Crystals are everywhere! You can define crystals as solid crystalline like shapes. Crystals are mixtures of various/different elements, and form certain crystals, colours, minerals and rocks. Quartz Crystals are silicon dioxide and interestingly these elements make up the majority of Earths crust. Crystals are used for many different reasons and needs. Some of which include healing, light production, dowsing, charging, glass, clearing, clocks, electronics & polarization.   

The Earth is mostly crystal! There are massive crystals deep within the Earth that purify and polarize our globe!

Why are Crystals Important?

All minerals have both physical and spiritual impact, working with the body as a whole system, never isolated. Physically our bodies (high in silica) need minerals to survive & we use Crystals to run our electronics and clocks. Essential things like water and salt form in crystalline shapes.



Spiritually we can partner with them to raise our frequency! Crystals are a great physical connection to the spiritual realm! They are a conduit to the higher healing energies, because they exits in all realms. With positive intention, we can form a symbiotic relationship with the Crystals, Minerals, Fossils & Shells we are lucky to share our space with.

Crystals are intelligent, intuitive and very helpful for humanity.

 Have patience when working with the stones. Remember that trust is earned. The Stone kingdom works slow, but steady, grounding us to our purpose. Patience, clarity and new insight can be your gifts in time.