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About Me


Born in the Badlands of Alberta, surrounded by history, a conscious spark of existence; a mermaid in the prairies.


I've spent my lifetime learning/experiencing/acquiring information, seeking wisdom and remembering myself.


Who am I?

My name is Michelle, and I act as a healing facilitator. Reading and tuning into the bodies systems (Physical/Mental/Emotional/Spiritual) I help assist the body back to homeostasis. This is why I call myself Wholistic, as the whole system is involved in healing.

Free spirited Libra. I experience life intuitively, moving towards universal harmony. I create safe space for others to heal/feel and move into balanced greatness. I'm highly enthusiastic about nature and am friends with the Animals, Insects, Angels and Faery. I connect deeply to our Earth and work to awaken others to help preserve Earth's natural beauty. I advocate for the health and wellness of our planet and its residents. We return to simplicity and purity of life/diet to correct the many troubles of our times, remembering the long forgotten ways of our ancestors.

I'm here to be a partner in wellness. To remind your body how to heal itself. Learning how to be present, and aware in the moment. Together we will work to live in harmony with our planet, always leaving our surroundings better than when we first arrived.

Education & Certification

  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Certified in Massage/Physical Therapy/Anatomy/Reflexology from Mount Royal University and Makami College in Calgary Alberta
  • Fermented/Raw/Vegan Chef
  • A Natural at Divination (Cards/Runes/Crystals/Augury/Chakra/Energy)
  • Crystal Therapy (Gemstone Divination/Ark Crystal Healing/Education on Crystals)
  • Music Therapy (Steel Drum/Shamanic Drumming/Tibetan Singing Bowls)
  • Ambassador for the Planet Earth

I wish to be an oasis for accurate and honest information. Here we strive to share with you helpful and enlightening content so that we all may learn/grow/heal ourselves and this beautiful planet

Work With Me

I work with stones/crystals and can offer you ways to connect deeper to your Gems and Minerals.

I have worked as a Massage/Reiki/Reflexology Therapist for over the last decade, and since the world wide pandemic my focus has changed inward. I have turned my energy/medicine toward myself, my environment, my food, my family and friends.

I now offer services from a distance, during this imperative time of internalized awakening.

Humans often look outside themselves for something to fix our troubles, but really we need to retreat within. Allow me to be that channel towards your ideal self, as we return to center. This work we do inevitably raises our consciousness, heightening our frequency, allowing us to grow as people and eventually rippling out to the entire race.

For Fun

I like to spend my time drinking herbal teas, cooking, making magick happen, writing, reading, hiking, practicing yoga/qi gong, dancing with loved ones, swimming in the local rivers/creeks, or catching up on sweet sleep.

Love and Light and Gratitude to You