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Free courses for the curious!

Below I will have a rotating selection of free courses and information to assist you on your personal journey.

Understanding that some of us are solitary practitioners, please enjoy these free courses for personal growth, to be used for the good of all!

*All courses are downloadable and in .pdf format.


Crystals for Kids

Children of all ages are drawn to gems and minerals! The first crystal we receive in our lives is our introduction to the fantastic Mineral Kingdom.

Last week (08/13/2020) My partner Dustin and Me had the privilege of teaching a very receptive and energetic group of children. We did a brief introduction of crystals, went over shapes, colours, basic practice, and even did a scavenger hunt for new gems!

At the end of the course we have included all the stones found on the scavenger hunt, and the properties they hold.

I am happy to share this intro to crystals we like to call crystals for kids! 


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Introduction to Energies

Introduction to Energies is a great quick course to help you understand better what energy is, and how it affects us.

We will learn about The Chakras, the Human Aura, Energy Layers, and also other people and their energy, and how that might effect us. Included are techniques to help protect our personal energy. This information is very beneficial for more sensitive types and empaths, and incredibly helpful when dealing with difficult people anywhere.


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