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Speak Truth, Empower! Here We Aim to Teach and Empower Others!

Open Throat Chakra,


We live in an age of information & often confusion. I gravitate towards truth, and believe truth should be shared for healthy communication, so please enjoy my contribution to this vast hub. I believe no information should be horded or withheld, and all should share freely with those willing to seek towards truth. Not all are ready for some information, and if something does not resonate (bring a feeling of truth/inspiration)  respect that, and look for something that does.  The amount of information, spiritual practices, religious designation and dogmas out there can be overwhelming, so I find it best to eclectically gather bits and pieces that ring true to the individuals soul.


The variety of magick available is as diverse as the people practicing. This is because the magic, and information are filtered through the ego. Your magick is not meant to be like anyone else.  Our personalities add unique flavor, and direction. Comparison and projections only slow us down. Blossom into your own beautiful magick than share that with others. Go forward through the heart not the mind, to learn truth. 


The SunThe Sun


Current Courses and Classes


~Reiki Level 1~

~Free Courses~


Learn to Listen


Listen to Yourself,

Listen to Your Body,

Listen to how you feel emotionally





Listen to Others,

Listen to What they say, and listen to what they Sing. 


Listen with style, learning to be flexible and caring with our ideals


Learn to Listen with your heart.


The MoonThe Moon


 I wish to share with you my perspective on life and healing. How the healing of the whole Earth begins within the individuals heart <3