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Happy Lunar New Year ~ Year of the Metal Ox

Posted 2/11/2021

The Second New Moon after the Winter Solstice marks Losar (in Tibetan Buddhism) and Chinese/Lunar New Year.


This Year of the Ox begins on February 11th 2021


2021 is a Metal year of the Ox!


After a honest and trying Rat year, Ox is helping us to continue on Diligently forward towards our Humanity's better future. 



Wild Ox, Bison, Buffalo, Bull/Cow or the extinct Aurochs all are in the spotlight this year.



We can learn from the Ox and embody the Qualities that have made this animal one of Humanities greatest allies. 

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Shadow Work

Posted 11/12/2020



The Wheel of the year now wanes, spreading the energy of Transformation, Death, and Rebirth. With Octobers Blue Moon (second full moon in a calendar month) landing on Halloween, Friday the 13, and the upcoming new moon in Scorpio, it seems that all things dark are dominating.





This time of year all the vegetation is gone,  the green of Spring and Summer are faint and distant memories, The beauty of Autumn has turned to mush, and the cold snowy Winter winds move in. As the nights get longer, we seek warmth, and comfort from within.


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Healing Chambers

Posted 11/8/2020

A healing chamber is an area of sacred space that can manifest spontaneously or be created with intention & purpose.


They can manifest In the spirit realm, during journeys and in deep meditation, often producing strong imagry of Ancient Springs, Rivers, Caves or Healing Cauldrons.


Healing Chambers can also happen in our physical reality. Sacred Sites and Springs around the globe are in a way healing chambers especially the large sarcophagus and the many pyramids.


Large Rose Quartz Granite bowls exist in Egypt, and even more mysterious the Gundestrup Cauldron, made of silver that was found in a peat bog in Denmark.


Today we can create our own Healing Chamber to bring comfort, support, and much needed healing to our bodies. Physically & Mentally Relaxing, Emotionally Balancing, and Spiritually connected to higher levels of healing.

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Once in a Blue Moon

Posted 10/28/2020

October 31st 2020 marks all hallows eve and a very powerful blue moon!

This super special moon is the second full moon of October, making it a blue moon. It is in the constellation of Taurus and lands on a Saturday & Halloween!

Saturday is ruled by Saturn and can be kind of chaotic. This chaos proves helpful for transformation.

Taurus energy is perfect for Halloween! The sturdy supportive attributes of a moon in Taurus will keep all witches and heathens grounded while working their magick! If you own an emerald  wear it for an added boost of protection.


Key words for Taurus: Sensuality, Stable, Generosity, Earth, Practicality, Constructive, Powerful!


Taurus loves to eat & indulge in finer foods (Trick-o-treating approved!)   

Rare blue moon on October 31st 2020Rare blue moon on October 31st 2020

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ᚻ Simple Quarantine Reading ᚻ

Posted 6/7/2020

2020 has us in solitude, at home, I've pulled some cards to assist us with this change of pace.2020 has us in solitude, at home, I've pulled some cards to assist us with this change of pace.

 Since most of the world (for the first time in a lot of our lives) has shut down, we are forced inwards into our homes, only around those we live with. I am Grateful for nature so we can go outside and get a much needed breath of good fresh air.


I felt like my cards had something to say about this situation. Some of them were jumping out of the deck, forcing me to listen to them. Some of them are companions during this hard time, to help aid us, give us riddles, or remind us what is important. 


Some of them remind us of music, to listen and appreciate the sound, and the poetic lyrics (depending on the music you like ;P) maybe you have some instruments laying around? It's a good time to make sound ring from them again. 


Please enjoy this insight from The Faeries Oracle, Runes, and

The Rider Waite Tarot.



You are not alone, We are all in this together.

Love and Light and Gratitude.

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Balsam Poplar

Posted 5/25/2020

Balsam Poplar World Tree!

Ever heard the concept of the World Tree? Its like a metaphor, as the trunk is the Physical Earth realm (Midgard) The tops, branches and leaves are the higher spirit realms (Valhalla, Heaven) And the roots; the part of the tree that anchors or holds into the ground is the lower dense realms. (Hel, Summerland, Faery) Here we can experience the concept of 'As above so below' and we sit at the center. You can climb a tree, or dig for truffles, but we still remain in the Earth realm. Using a tree as a image or guide in meditation can help you transcend from the Earth realm, to the realm of energy and spirit above or below.


 Shamanic Tree Meditation. Reduce the stress of the day!Shamanic Tree Meditation. Reduce the stress of the day!Go for walks and find a tree you love the most! I love all trees, but find the one you resonate with the most.  I am fond of Poplar, Oak, Ash, Hawthorn, Mangrove, Yew, and Birch.


Maybe you have a tree in your yard or close to home you like to visit. Start or continue a conversation with it energetically. 


If you connect with rocks and gems easily, look for a large stone near a grand tree. Pick it up and listen/meditate with it.

Bring a smaller stone home (ask first) and meditate or have a bath with that. This will connect you to the tree from home. Return later if needed.


Before You return home from the tree, give it a hug, and thank it.


You can also leave an offering at the beginning or end of your visit. Like a present, it can be water, crystals, bird food, maybe you'll clean up surrounding litter.


Leave no permanent physical trace. 


Keep nature perfect!

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My First Podcast

Posted 5/8/2020


 A few weeks ago I recorded my very first podcast on the local realtor podcast show 'In your Area" 


Released today is my conversation with Michelle P from Alberta Real Estate Association, talking about some simple advice and suggestions on energy, awareness, and changing times.


We talk of going inward and getting connected even though we are all apart.






Listen in, Deep Breath...  ------>Tune In

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Happy Lunar New Year ~ Year of the Rat

Posted 1/26/2020

Happy 2020 Year of the Metal Rat!

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Deva In Everything ~ Faere Under Everything

Posted 1/22/2020

Deva is a Sanskrit word that translates to heavenly or divine. Possibly of Extraterrestrial origin, or Angelic. It is also a term used to define a spirit or pattern/blueprint. The Deva is like the higher self holding the imprint of everything.



Faerys can be thought of as the shadow side of nature, for they too hold the imprint.


Come and meet some of the little beings I share my home with....

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The North Sea

Posted 11/19/2019


I love Returning to England.

 Since my home is in the Prairies I rarely get to see water with ebb and flow. I am so grateful to be by the sea! 



The Island hold so much history, as does the North Sea.

I can't help but think of the people that sailed these waters thousands of years ago.


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