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Hello and Welcome to Mermaid Wholistic.

Here we have a genuine interest in the magick of nature, the healing arts and ones essential communication & connection to their body.

Tiger Eye Pig Named Ralf. 3 Ark CrystalsTiger Eye Pig Named Ralf. 3 Ark Crystals


Reiki, Crystal Therapy & Readings


Develop your Intuition with

Personalized Healing & Teaching


I Save the World by Saving Myself

Below are my current offerings. Time is changing, we are adapting, transitioning & blossoming into our greatness. Maybe you are too?


Divination/Readings are quite useful during uncertain times and anytime really to provide knowledge & to deepen our connection towards ourselves. They give us insight into our lives, showing us the patterns we've followed that have lead us to our current circumstances & offer advice on how to thrive during times of great stress/change.


Currently readings are done from a distance using your choice of video, email, telephone, or by post (receive a mailed hand written letter of your reading)


Learn more about divination & the tools used. Book Today for a one on one reading, personalized to you, or send an email our way: for any questions/inquiry. You don't have to stay in the dark!


*Stay tuned for Tarot Classes! Learn to effectively read any deck of cards. Tarot correspondences such as, numerology, symbolism study, basic astrology & elemental knowledge are included in teachings.

ReikiQuartz Merkaba. Reiki Healing Hands. Quartz Merkaba. Reiki Healing Hands.

Reiki (meaning universal light force energy) is a remembered Japanese Healing technique using Ki/Energy/Prana. This energy is tapped into, than channeled from the vast universe through the reiki practitioner into you.


Reiki energy heals us Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually, making it a wholistic therapy. Reiki is very useful  & will act intuitively within you to balance all the bodies energy systems (Subtle/Physical).


Reiki can effectively be done from any distance to any place in time. It can even heal an entire house/home/family, it is practical & powerful & will bring more balance to your life.  Book today for an distance reiki session


Share in the reiki healing and reach out through email: for questions, inquires, sessions, bookings and upcoming Reiki Level 1 Courses!

Education & Teaching

We are here to remember our power, to learn our craft & develop our consciousness. I am here to empower you to do just that!


Our variety of classes teach many subjects including Reiki, Tarot & Crystal Knowledge. Much of the content focuses on Self Healing, Divination, Crystal, Fossil, Mineral & Metals, Energy, Discernment, Sacred Geometry, Plant Based Food/Cooking, Earth Connections/Healing, Environmentally Friendly Living, Spirit Guides, Fae, Angels & Overall Consciousness.


Learn about the mystical world simply, logically and intuitively.  Click for more information. 

Ganesha from India, Tibetan Quartz, Egyptian Quartz, Ark Crystal.  Ganesha from India, Tibetan Quartz, Egyptian Quartz, Ark Crystal.